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What are we doing for society?
DSMS is socially engaged in various areas and donates a share of its income to support art and culture life. The company is also actively supporting youth sports, thereby helping children and young talents to successfully live up to their potential.

International youth tournament «Chervona Ruta» with DSMS Vienna prizes has received wide popularity. Since 1998 DSMS has been supporing the tournament in the city of Izmail, Ukraine, which helps to hold it on a very high level. In 2005 DSMS became the general sponsor of the tournament.

Nearly a quarter of the century the month May in the city of Izmail is strongly connected with a big sports event - the international tennis tournament «Chervona Ruta». It isn’t just a competition, it is the whole stage in life of very many tennis players who represent Ukraine at the most prestigious competitions today.

However, Izmail tournament is not only for Ukrainian sportsmen a start of a sports career – during the years of «Chervona Ruta» existence dozens of young tennis players from Moldova, Romania, Russia and other countries passed through its courts.It was made possible due to real enthusiasts from the tennis department of Izmail fitness center (the director of Fitness center – the Deserved trainer of Ukraine V.V.Polyakov) with financial support of DSMS, Vienna.

Participants in «Chervona Ruta» tournament in 2012

DSMS was supporting the basketball team Kapfenberg Bulls from Kapfenberg, situated on the Austrian territory, on the land of Steiermark, in the games of the 2002-2003 season. Starting from 1991 the club is playing in the austrian basketball league. The greatest achievements of the club were made in 2001-2004 when they managed to win the champion title 4 years in succession and to win two times in the Super Cup.


DSMS sponsors a soccer team of amateur league «Blue Danube», since the moment of its foundation in 2002. The initiative on the organization of the team was shown by the former members of football club «Webster» among whom there was a president of DSMS Vadim Vdovitchenko.
Here are the results and the next games of the Dsg Blue Danube team.
Here you will find Blue Danube’s website.

Kapfenberg Bulls final season play
The football team Dsg Blue Danube today
Marek was born in 18.8.2002 in Břeclav. When he was 6 he started playing tennis and football with his older brother. In the age of nine he won his first tennis competitions and decided to concentrate fully only on tennis. His goals for the following years are to be among the 10 best tennis players in Czech Republic to start participating in the international championships and to become a professional in tennis. His trainer considers it possible with the support of DSMS.
The parents of Alen originate from a small Bosnian town called Sanski Most. When he was 8 years old he started playing tennis with a trainer, David Schmid. It was noticeable at once that the boy is very talented. He moved adroitly and could manage the ball in an excellent manner. In the very beginning he had trainings once in a week with his sister. In a couple of months it was already 2 times in a week.
DSMS is the sponsor of a popular Ukrainian singer Olga Krjukova. Olga was born in the seventies in Kiev, Ukraine. She studied at the Kiev pedagogical university at faculty of Russian and foreign languages. At the same time Olga studied jazz singing in Holland.
Ukrainian School in Vienna

DSMS supports the Ukrainian School in Vienna. Ukrainian school was founded 5 years ago in 2010 by the Ivan Franko Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre. It all started with 16 children and small room with 5 classes in the 9th district. In the four following years school has grown to more than 80 children and moved to the Beethovenplatz 1, an Academic Gymnasium, which is considered to be a Viennese «castle of Harry Potter». This building is a real piece of architectural art, situated in the heart of the city, just near the central city park and Karlsplatz. In a school year 2017/18 approximately 150 students were studying in this school, where there are 11 school grades, different additional courses according to students´ interests and a preparational group of small children. There are numerous cultural and educational events held in Ukrainian School. They are aimed, on the one hand, to arouse the patriotic spirit of Ukrainian youth and, on the other hand, to create an atmosphere of unity of Ukrainian nation in Vienna.
‍The Ukrainian School in Vienna


„We support this project because Cossacks are very closely connected with the Ukrainian identity and consequently with our company“, explained Viatcheslav Vdovitchenko, the former president of DSMS.

DSMS supported a Cossack Odyssey from Regensburg (Germany) to Odessa (Ukraine) from 2008 to 2010.Cossackdom sees itself as «the invincible source of history of the Ukrainian people», history which was written throughout centuries and now endures revival. With this campaign on a boat from Regensburg (Twin-city of Odessa) participants wanted to refresh Cossacks understanding in memory of the Danube countries. On a boat which is made of one log, certainly, it is impossible to transport big cargoes. Only the small team is located on this boat, it moves by means of a wind or oars. Till 2010 the Cossack team managed to make 2350 km to Ovidiopol in Ukraine and brought a part of the Cossack history to the countries located along Danube.