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Carriage of Goods on Inland Waterways

Danube navigation can meet all your combined transport needs.

Our success and customer-tailored services are greatly supported by the capabilities of our partners, be it through a versatile Danube-based fleet or leveraging upon favourable geographic locations along the Danube, Main and Rhine.

DSMS’ primary field of operation are shipments on the Danube river. Next to iron ore and coal of Ukrainian and Russian origin destined for major European steel producers, we also successfully transport grain, steel, fertilizers, liquids & oils, light petroleum products, heavy lift and  oversized cargoes.

Our transports are primarily carried out by combined pusher/multi-barge convoys with a loading capacity of up to 15.000 tons.

Next to our core presence on the Danube, we operate on the Rhine, the Main as well as the Dnieper, amongst others.

Vienna shipping barge

Combined Transports and Freight Forwarding

Agency Service

Our affiliated company DSMS Ukraine Ltd. has decade-long experience as an agent in servicing river and sea-going vessel as well as handling crew matters.

DSMS has extensive experience managing multimodal shipments that require a combination of various transport means – be it by river, sea, railway or truck – including the necessary transloading operations.

Ukraine shipping agency
Combined Transports and Freight Forwarding
Combined Transports and Freight Forwarding
Combined Transports and Freight Forwarding
Combined Transports and Freight Forwarding

Port Forwarding

Sea       Chartering

Transportation of Light Petroleum Products

Forwarding Service

Using newly overhauled river tankers, DSMS is able to offer transports of light petroleum products such as diesel fuel, fuel oil or gasoline.

We act as a large port forwarder in Constanta, Romania, and Izmail, Ukraine and manage annual cargo volumes of more than 2 million tons.

DSMS is one of the leading freight forwarders in the CEE region and is continuously ranked among the top operators by volume in Ukraine.

Chartering of sea-going vessel is another area of our expertise. We are able to provide chartering of vessels of various sizes – from small coasters up to Panamax-sized ships.

Transportation of Light Petroleum Products
Port Forwarding
Forwarding Service
Sea Chartering

Danube-Sea Transport

DSMS successfully provides a full range of services necessary for combined Danube-Sea transports.


We perform integrated transport services via Rhein-Main-Danube canal with our close partners.

Heavy Lifts

We are proud to provide combined river-sea transports for general and project (heavy lift and oversized) cargo.


Spot Service

Flexible and timely deliveries of small consignment’s lots from 1000 up to 3000 tons are efficiently executed by DSMS.

Crewing Service

Our main aim is to provide high quality services for Ukrainian sailors employment on the ships of foreign ship owners. Reliabilty, opportunity of advance, cadet programme.

Crewing Service
Crewing Service
Crewing Service


Transport and agency services

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