First “Capesize” vessels for transportation of iron ore are chartered from the  Black See to China.

Beginning of transportation of liquid cargoes on the Danube.

Total turnover in 23 years of DSMS’ activity surpasses 60,0 million tons.

A combined water transportation of Ukrainian iron ore pellets is launched for the first time directly from the manufacturer on the Dnieper river using sea-river vessels to the consumer in the port Linz, Austria with transshipment onto Danube barges at the ports of Izmail and Reni.

In the years 2015 – 2016 the annual volume of cargo transported by DSMS’ charted vessels amounts to 5,5 million tons and the TKT (ton kilometers transported) amounts to 7,7 billion units of transportation measurement.

DSMS signs a forwarding agreement for the transportation of more than 2.0 million tons of bulk cargo per year with U.S. Steel Serbia on a “just-in-time” basis.

Despite the impact of the global economic crisis the annual volume of transported cargoes reaches 4.2 million tons.

Beginning of the railway-ferry transports on the Black Sea.

DSMS signs a contract for the organization of combined transport of ore cargoes in excess of 0,5 million tons annually, destined for the metallurgical complex “Krimikovtsy”, Bulgaria.

The transported volume of DSMS since its inception surpass 20 million tons.

The annual volume of cargo transported by DSMS’ charted vessels amounts to 3,8 million tons while the total transported cargo volume of the company surpasses the 35,0 million tons mark since its foundation.

Beginning of regular transports with “Panamax” from Australia to the Black Sea with further transports to  customers in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Serbia on the Dnieper, Volga and Danube with the “river-sea” ships and on the railway.

Cargo turnover of the company exceeds 10.0 million tons since the beginning of its operation.


DSMS manages the container lines “ANEKS”, “UKRIL” and “DMKS” (Alexandria, Piraeus, Lattakia, Beirut, Koper) providing “door-to-door” service.

First “Capesize” vessel operation carrying Brazilian iron-ore to the port of Koper (Slovenia).


DSMS organizes onward transport to the voestalpine steel mills in Linz and Donawitz (Austria).


DSMS organises container shipment in Europe using road and rail transportation means.

First long-term annual contract for 1,5-2,0 million tons of iron-ore to Voestalpine Linz (Austria) signed.

The daughter company “DSMS Ukraine Ltd” in Izmail was established.

Organization of the combined railway and water transportation, about 2.0 million tons per year from Ukraine via Budapest and Bratislava and then to Linz on the Danube because of the demolition of bridges in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.

Management of one of the largest river, sea and barge-carrier fleets in the Danube region.


UNO Sanction Committee has accepted the instructions developed by DSMS for the transportation rules on the territory of Yugoslavia. In consequence, it allowed to resume international shipping on the Danube.


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